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Hanashi 話 is the Japanese word for story. It is also the word for communication or conversation. 
Which is pretty brilliant actually. 
My writing has always been a way for me to create the world I want to inhabit. And I write a lot. Terry Pratchett (who famously wrote 400 words a day) has nothing on me. For the longest time, the only writing of mine that saw the light of day was stuff I was commissioned to write (mainly articles, journalistic reportage and of course - plays). And that one time I got published in a collection of short stories. 
Two times actually.
So this is me, putting my work out into the world. 
You’re welcome.

I also freelance as a creative writer for theatre, gaming and educational material. So if you want stories created for your business, educational organization or even your next big project, get in touch!

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