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This series started off as an idle exploration in the permutations and combinations of non-normative relationships, alterous attraction and asexuality. There were three characters. I had names for them - Mayuka, Yuki and Tabeer - but little else. I knew Mayu ran a cafe, something like the Hive, when it was originally located in Chuim Village in Bandra (if you didn’t know about the place, here are some images I found of the original bungalow venue, but suffice to say that place made me crave something I barely understood). Other than Mayu’s occupation, I knew the three characters would end up in a polycule. And that was about the extent of my discovery while writing these self-indulgent vignettes. I wrote some of those. I kept many more on brew. And now I know what I want from this collection. 


Through Fireflies, I am looking at subcultures in cities. Not just the cities I know, but the ones I will know. I am looking at characters that fly in and out, making the darkness ebb with their passage. I am looking at the start of the 100-year timeline for my queer futuristic transmedia project.

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Set in 2023, in cities across the world, Fireflies is a collection of moments and magic from the lives of different people and their everyday extraordinariness. I am currently working on the overarching narrative and individual characters and plots. In a month or so, I hope to raise funds and collaborate with illustrators, graphic designers and artists to create a graphic novel based on the stories. 

The aim is to release at least the first set of stories by June. So if you are or know people who’d like to help me with funds or creative collaboration, please do

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