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A lot of people who, like me come to these identities later in life, still struggle to find relatable narratives that highlight queer journeys, life experiences and non-normativity. That is why the general theme of the podcast is to talk about the every day, whatever that may mean for a person. To build vocabulary, a repository of examples and perhaps a roadmap for creating and curating a good life in a way that feels meaningful to us.

If you are or know queer people who’d like to talk about their Queer Lives with me, please do

Meet the Queer Lives Team

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Queer Lives S1|E6: Raga D'Silva from UK

In this episode, I talk to the warm and lovely Raga Olga D'Silva - author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and LGBTQIA++ advocate and inclusion & diversity trainer about coming out at the age of 50 and what that meant for a very successful corporate career.

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Queer Lives S1:E5: Nerissa Trindade from Australia

Nerissa is a professional keynote and transformational speaker who inspires audiences globally. She is also the author of two international bestsellers Growing Through and A Different Reality. In this episode, we talk to her about growing up in India in the '80 without a queer vocabulary and growing into a confident, self-assured gay woman of colour. 

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Queer Lives S1:E4: Mary Anne Adams from the USA

Mary Anne Adams is the Founder and Executive Director of ZAMI NOBLA (National Organization of Black Lesbians on Aging). My connection with her is the result of a fascinating series of coincidences - that you can read about by clicking More. Every aspect of Mary Anne’s life and work is a story in and of itself. The word ZAMI for instance. It originates with Zami: A New Spelling of My Name, an autobiography by poet Audre Lorde. We ended up spending over 2 hours talking about her growing up during the heyday of the Civil Rights Movement in America. We talk about poverty, agitating, organizing and most of all, community. 

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Queer Lives S1:E3:Part 1 | Shruti Sharada from Bengaluru, India

Shruti Sharada is a Queer Feminist Writer, Editorial Strategist, and Gender-based Violence Activist based in Bengaluru. In this episode, we talk about her journey - surviving an abusive home, making peace with her anxiety and living the single life with her mother. We also discuss workplace toxicity, ways to job-hunt as a disabled person and the small joys of life. For convenience, I have broken down Shruti’s conversation into 2 parts of about 45-50 mins each. And if I have to make a recommendation, I suggest that you listen to Part 2 from start to finish, if you can.

Queer Lives S1:E3:Part 2 | Shruti Sharada from Bengaluru, India
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Queer Lives S1:E2 | Angela Davis from Georgia, USA

Angela Denise Davis is an ordained minister and a ukulele teacher. In this episode, we start about her experience growing up with the church and community as essential components of her life in Kansas. The experience of music, of people coming together to make a “joyful noise” and why music “should not be left to the professionals.” Angela gives a very honest account of her coming out journey, the onset of blindness and how queerness and disability intersect with her everyday life. A highly recommended listen. 

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Queer Lives S1:E1 | Ms Versus from the Philippines

A no holds barred conversation with singer-songwriter, performer and record producer from her home in Manila. We talk about why she chose the name Versus, the arts and education scene in the Philippines, her music (of course) and shooting music videos in the lockdown, thrift shopping and buying Barbies when upset, wars and history and of course Ben Barnes. Peeing and pooping come up a lot. Which is no surprise given the unnecessarily gendered nature of toilets. Give it a listen. 

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