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She was making tea in the kitchen. He was asleep in the bedroom. The cat was probably stalking some unsuspecting creature in the garden. The other cat was curled in bed by his feet. The tea boiled. She signed at having forgotten to do it the propah way. Again. She poured herself a cup anyway. She unlocked the door. Sat at the step. Drank her tea. Staring in to the distance. She watered the plants. Checked to see if the mealybug infestation had abated. It hadn’t. She lit some incense in the living room. Poured herself another cup. Used the last of the milk. Sat down in front of her laptop.

Hours passed. The sun rose. His alarm went off. He came to the living room. Held her in his sleepy warm arms. Kissing the top of her head.

“We’re out of milk.”

“I know.”

He got milk. They ate breakfast. He started work. She went to bed.

The lovely image of chai-biscoot used for this vignette has been taken by Sanghamitra Shastri. She is a Pune-based photographer, writer and creator. You can check more of her work and support it through the link embedded below.

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